Frequently Asked Questions


Do you do destination weddings or events?

My bags are already packed! Don't let the geography stop you from contacting jm photographics! I love to travel and do not add any extra traveling fees. Contact me for availability for Engagements, Weddings, Bridal Portraits, Events or any occasion anywhere in the world.

Do you only shoot Weddings and Events?

That is not the only thing I occupy my time shooting. Over the years I have shot a wide variety of subjects, in all kind of conditions and delivered all different forms of final products for my clients. Have a specific request? Let's talk and see what we can come up with.

Can we meet before the wedding?

I not only love to meet my clients but this way we can get to know each other. Also a chance to go over details, products, and make sure we have a productive timeline for your day.

How does my pricing work?

I spend a lot of time making sure my photographs and products are exquisite, creative and archival to last for generations. I also custom tailor my services and products my clients because we all don’t have the same needs or wants. I accommodate the simplest of requests, intimate weddings to the most elaborate affairs.

Do you have insurance?

Absolutely! Most venues require having liability insurance. So before you hire Uncle Bob, make sure they're covered. I protect myself and my clients with business liability insurance and have been covered with State Farm since 2001.

What kind of cameras do I use?

I am a fully digital studio using only top of the line digital SLR cameras and equipment. I use all Canon's top lenses which allow me to capture important moments in the most critical lighting situations.

The venue is really dark will you be able to still capture everything?

I have shot in the darkest of places so no need to worry! If able to, I'll set up additional lighting to ensure we get bright, crisp photographs. Some chapels/venues do not allow for flash photography; and for that reason, the camera and lenses I use allow me to capture every moment still.

Are you the photographer or will there be someone else shooting?

I will always be the Master Photographer from start to finish of your wedding or event. I do have an impressive network of associate photographers, videographers and other vendors that work with me. Typically for events and weddings with more than 150 guests, extra coverage would be needed, and we can go over those details. With my experiences, education and training I can guarantee that I will provide you with more than hoped for.

Can we have the digital files?

You will be able to download all of your images directly from your gallery. Your gallery can be set up as private or public, and the same for the download button. I can provide my clients with a personalized USB Flash Drive with a case for a small fee of $50. All the images are high-resolution digital files with a Printing Release for personal use. Jason R. Meek - jm photographics retains the copyright of all images. My mission is to make a product that will last years of your viewing pleasure and able to pass it on to the next generations.

How many images do you take?

I do not limit the amount of photographs taken at a wedding or event. I make sure the events of that day are extremely well documented. Also, I like to tell my clients about my 50/50 plan meaning it is 50% of the event I get everything you had dreamt of and the other 50% is my creativeness and ideas with no limitations. In the end you will receive everything you wanted and then I can show you what else I can do.

Do you watermark your images?

When viewing your online gallery, there will be one style of watermarking. For Low Res digital images there will be a small watermark within the digital image not to distract and maybe found on the front or the back. I do not watermark final high resolution images that you get to keep.

Where can I go to print enlargements?

You can print your photographs anywhere you'd like. I highly recommend purchasing prints and other products with your photographer. Prints from your local store look great to begin with, but over time they will not last due to cheap paper and inks. Most will only print as is and I keep printing until it is perfect. You will have a Print Release to be able to print at your desired location.

What if we go over the contracted time of our wedding day or event coverage?

Standard rates apply for overtime. Overtime is billed at the rate of $250/hour per Master Photographer and $150/hour per Associate Photographer.

What if I lose my copy of images or USB Flash Drive?

There is a $50 charge for a gallery image download, a $75 replacement charge for image USB Flash Drives. It is strongly suggested you make at least one copy of your images when you receive it from me. I have four copies of all of my images in three separate locations.

How long does it take before we get to view our images & purchase products?

Typically for events, depending on size and schedule, it takes just a couple of days up to a week. For weddings allow up to three months after your wedding day. Images will be posted in your personal online viewing gallery and will be active for two weeks for events, and three months for weddings for sharing and product purchasing.

Do we get every image you shoot?

I get rid of duplicate images and those are over or under exposed, bad test shots, out of focus shots, shots with bad expressions (I do keep the funny ones though) and other images that may dilute the overall product delivery. You will receive the candid outbursts and emotional tears which are some of the best images from the day. Shooting for twenty plus years and processing bazillions of images, I will eliminate ones that see are not of any use and only deliver the best ones.

Do you do offer albums and do we choose the photos?

Absolutely, my albums are beautiful custom designed representations of your wedding day or event. I absolutely would love to hear what your favorite images and memories are, but you don't have to pick all of them out. Your album is designed just the way you would like it.

Can we make changes to the album design?

Absolutely, you will be able to view your album design on my client viewing area on my website before printing. During that, you will then have the opportunity to make changes that you see fit. I have several template designs for creating the perfect feel for my client’s book that will reflect personalities at best.